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Prima Donna: Satin T-Shirt Bra
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Price : 180.71$
  • Get amazing comfort with this light as air spacer T-shirt bra
  • Ultra-breathable spacer foam cups with supportive inner slings
  • Soft, padded underwire is nickel-free for optimum comfort
  • Back adjustable stretch straps for a customizable fit
  • Incredibly, lightweight spacer fabric and stretch microfiber
  • Hook count: 2-hook = 38-40B, 36-40C, 34-40D, 34-38E, 34-36F, 34G
  • 3-hook = 40E, 38-40F, 36-38G Content: Body: 50% Polyamide, 35% Elastane, 15% Polyester. Country of Origin: Imported

Brand: Prima Donna
Retailer: Bare-Necessities